Newcomb v. Corinth School District

Alfred L. Newcomb v. Corinth School District

U.S.D.C., Northern District of Mississippi, Aberdeen Division

Cause No. 1:12-cv-00204-SA-DAS

On June 10, 2014, a jury in the United States District Court in Aberdeen, Mississippi, returned a verdict in favor of Plaintiff Alfred L. Newcomb in the above-referenced matter.  Mr. Newcomb was awarded $100,000.00 in damages.

The jury found that the Corinth School District violated the Family and Medical Leave Act by firing Mr. Newcomb upon his suffering a shoulder injury that required him to miss work.  The Corinth School District claimed Mr. Newcomb was laid off as part of a reduction in force, though the school district admitted Mr. Newcomb had been an outstanding employee.

Attorneys for Plaintiff were Jim Waide and Rachel Pierce Waide of Waide & Associates, P.A.  Attorneys for Defendant were Todd P. Photopulos and W. Mackin Johnson of Butler Snow LLP.  U.S. District Judge Sharion Aycock presided over the two-day trial.